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Four Hot Spots to Eat at in Staten Island

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If you live in the area, I am sure you are aware the other than its amazing pizza, there is such an amazing yet highly misunderstood and underrated food scene in Staten Island. From saucy Cajun-Creole, to Sri Lankan cuisine and gastro pubs that will impress any foodie, Staten Island’s cuisine is much more than its red sauce.

So, if you have not had the pleasure of eating in Staten Island, do not wait any longer, hop on that ferry and try out some of these top options:

1. Bayou Restaurant

This Cajun-Creole fare is the best comfort food in the area delivering and incredible bang for your buck. On Sunday you can enjoy the three course prix fixe brunch which includes a complimentary cocktail and of course live jazz. You can choose from either Elba Blues pork tenderloin medallions that have been wrapped in bacon, roasted and tipped with porcini mushroom sauce, blue cheese and a side of mashed potatoes, or seafood jambalaya which is an enormous bowl filled with plump shrimp, mussels, scallops and succulent calamari, crawfish tails and Andouille sausage all simmered in a delicious tomato sauce and accompanied with rice. Of course let’s not forget the alligator bites.

2. Phunky Elephant

If you want the absolute best burger in the area, then Phunky Elephant is the place for you. This location offers a modern take on traditional pub fare, it is equally creative and delicious. It also offers an eclectic cocktail and brew selection that is also worth the visit. The burger to try is the 10oz premium chuck patties called the Honky Tonk Burger. With ample amounts of bacon, fried onions and cheddar cheese topped with freshly pulled short rib and delicious BBQ sauce which is then stuffed nicely between two brioche buns that have been toasted. This is the best of its kind.

3. Beso

For the best Spanish cuisine, Beso is you spot. The Monday to Thursday prix fixe for only $21 is definitely worth that ferry ride. The paella with smoked chili vinaigrette and lamb chops is delicious and if you love duck the Pato dish which is honey glazed, smoked chili duck breast sliced and perfectly served over spinach pasta accompanied with roasted garlic is the ideal choice. You must try their homemade red sangria as well.

4. Blue Restaurant

At Blue, you will experience the trifecta of waterfront views, intimate ambience and fresh seafood. If you are in Staten Island on Sunday afternoon, stop by for their calm bake for only $29.95 of if you are around one a week or weekend night for some dinner, opt for their seafood pot of shrimp, Prince Edward Island mussels, Cherrystone clams and oyster mushroom that have been steamed in a seafood broth with lemon, chive, garlic and thyme and served over rice noodles. This is a seafood experience you will enjoy and not soon forget.

So when you find yourself in Staten Island and wish to try some of its delicious cuisine, these four hot spots are a great way to begin. Make sure to ask around while in the area and the local will also be able to point you in the direction of many other great locations for a delicious meal out.