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Top Rated NYC Restaurants Located In The Bronx

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Whenever you travel into New York City as a tourist, you’re going to be told by the locals to visit the Bronx. Why is that so important? With just a short amount of time to see all the sights and sounds, isn’t Manhattan going to keep your attention. First, people are told that the Bronx is full of top attractions. Second, they are told that going to the Bronx gets you away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan just a little. Third, New York City residents are quick to tell vacationers that some of the best NYC restaurants are located in the Bronx.

The #1 restaurant currently in the Bronx is Dinosaur BBQ, and it is located on W 125th Street. Pictures show generous portion sizes, surely indicative of of restaurant’s name, and as for the meats, you have options like pulled pork, ribs, chicken and your typical barbecued favorites. Reviewers talk about Dinosaur BBQ serving up delicious cornbread, too.

When looking at restaurants in the Bronx, it is interesting to see how the establishments rank against all of New York City, too. There are almost 10,000 restaurants in NYC. Dinosaur BBQ is ranked #62 out of all of them, so it doesn’t get much better than that. You were told that the Bronx has some of the best NYC restaurants, and soon you’re going to understand more why NYC residents say that.

Next up is Red Rooster Harlem, and this establishment is located on Lenox Avenue. This is your spot for soul food, especially if it is brunch time. If you are out and about during the afternoon and starting to get tired and hungry, Red Rooster Harlem can be a very nice stop indeed.

Jacob’s Pickles is another top restaurant in the Bronx, and you might have guessed by now that fried pickles is one of the menu items the restaurant is known for. Jacob’s Pickles also serves up great sandwiches, mac n’ cheese, chicken and much more according to menu highlights. Reviewers also mention that they like the staff and the decor of the restaurant.

Carmine’s is a restaurant located on Broadway, and it is certainly a popular one in the Bronx. This establishment serves up some of the best Italian food. Reviewers talk about online reservations, so think ahead of time about that if you plan an Italian dinner in the Bronx. One other thing reviewers rave about when it comes to Carmine’s is the bread. You get a basket that contains different breads.

Candle 79 is another top restaurant in the Bronx. It is located on E 79th Street, and its menu is rather eclectic. It is a vegan friendly establishment, and you will want to reserve a table ahead of time. It appears that Candle 79 is also fine dining. You have some great restaurants to enjoy now as you make your way easily through the Bronx, avoiding the congestion of Manhattan. Of course NYC in general is always busy, but you need to check out those top Bronx restaurants.